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LiquidCD is a free burning Application for Mac OS X (10.5 or better. Not 100% ready for Lion.).

WARNING: extremely unstable on Lion and Mountain Lion

Download LiquidCD 2.08

Download LiquidCD 1.33 for Tiger
Download older versions

LiquidCD has support / partial support for the following disc image formats: anything natively supported by MacOS (iso, dmg, ...), cue/bin, ccd/img, toc, nrg, cdi, mdf/mds, b6t/b6i, daa, gbi. Experimental support for .c2d and .cif.

About LiquidCD 2.08

  • Added basic support for mdf/mds, daa, gbi and b6i/b6t files.
  • The following formats may also work (experimental): c2d and cif
  • Fixes a bug with the erase panel
  • Fixes a bug with the burn verification
  • Fixes a bug with the Info window

About LiquidCD 2.07

  • The .cue parser is tolerant to Windows paths
  • The .cue parser looks at the file's path extension if no type is found
  • Fixes a problem with the postgap tag in .cue files
  • .loxi files now save the MCN and ISRC values
  • Better CD and DVD layout detection
  • cue/bin disk images now also save basic cdtext info
  • Not yet ready for Blu-Ray disc duplication, still working on it
  • Still no support for multiborder or multizone DVDs. But I have yet to find one.

About LiquidCD 2.06

  • Fixes a bug where pc-only files wouldn't show on hybrid discs.
  • The "done" sound now also plays when the burner is done erasing a disc.
  • Fixes a potential crash when the burn is finished.
  • New set of icons (thanks Susumu Yoshida !)
  • Fixes cue sheets with incorrect index points (bug id 26)
  • Inclusion parameters are preserved when saving a project (bug id 23)
  • Cue files with quotes inside the title, performer,... are now accepted
  • Single session CDs are now properly detected.

About LiquidCD 2.05

  • Better German localization.
  • Quick fix of a bug that can make LiquidCD crash at launch when some specific disks are mounted.
  • Better stability.

About LiquidCD 2.04

  • Password protected disk images are supported
  • Performer, ISRC and MCN tags in cue files now work as intended
  • Audio panel: the info panel doesn't open when a track is double-rightclicked
  • Added Danish localization (Thank you Toke Riis Ebbesen !)
  • Fixes a crash when the hard drive's free space is insufficient
  • Fixes a problem when two identical burners are connected
  • Fixes a problem where an incorrect number of track were saved to a disk image
  • Best device is automatically picked at burn time
  • Fixes a bug where a pregap of 0s would default to 2s when reading from a LiquidCD file
  • Fixes the Multi Burn, it doesn't say the device is busy anymore

About LiquidCD 2.03

  • Fixes a crash of the media browser
  • Better Spanish localization
  • Cue/bin with no pregap now default to zero seconds instead of two seconds.

About LiquidCD 2.02

  • Brings Leopard compatibility back. Something with the zip archive, not sure what it was.

About LiquidCD 2.01

  • Iso disk images can be burned even if detected as corrupted (should solve the Wii backup problem).
  • Dreamcast disk images are still not burning properly. Working on it...
  • Added basic support for the .ccd/.img disk image format (including the .sub file if available).
  • The delete key can be used to remove items
  • Added a preference to play a sound when the burn is completed
  • Files in the Data tab are now automatically sorted by name
  • The Media Browser also shows the album name of a track
  • Added experimental layout editor. For experienced users only. Hold the Option key at burn time to show it.
  • Temporary items are properly removed.
  • The disc icon is also displayed on Windows.
  • Dropped audio files are now sorted by name.
  • Added support for drag and drop on the app's dock icon.
  • Better French localization.
  • Fixes some small memory leaks.
  • Video DVDs accept the JACKET_P folder.
  • The system's dvd player is now used to play video dvds.
  • QuickLook on items also works with Snow Leopard.
  • The open/close/eject button works properly in the burn panel.
  • Fixes a crash of the "Disk" menu.
  • Fixes a crash introduced with Snow Leopard when dragging audio tracks in the Audio panel.
  • Better looking transition when dragging items in the Audio panel.

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